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The old white dudes that are in charge of everything are scared as fuck of YOU.
  • Yes Gerard, they really are.  Let’s hope young women everywhere hear you & act accordingly.

Gerard Way’s message to the young women in the crowd. Fonda Theatre 10/14/14. 

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Or tweet …or post … 😉

The coffee cup that speaks for you when you are unable.
I want this! lol

A public safety announcement for the Halloween holiday. 😉

The modern day definition of “study.”

#Raja walks the runway!


Music & Art.



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ALWAYS the Queen to me!  #LoveMeSomeRaja


Favorite runway looks:

Raja’s top 9 looks

True. lol

True. lol

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UK sculptor Robin Wight creates wind-blown fairies clutching dandelions, clinging to trees, and seemingly suspended in midair - all with densely wrapped stainless steel wire.


Album out 9/23

Go pre-order it now. So good.

This is awesome.  Should be taught in all high schools, tbh.

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Fourculture issue 14
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